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Sustainable Earth Inc : A Caribbean Alternate Energy Adventure

It took 7 years of research and development for a team of engineers supported by “sustainable earth” minded investors to harness Alternate Energy Systems specially designed for the Caribbean environment .

In 2007 Sustainable Earth Inc. was incorporated in Roseau - Commonwealth of Dominica - with the charter to design, promote, install and maintain solar, wind and micro-hydro systems throughout the Caribbean basin .

The company’s headquarters is located on a renovated plantation estate; additional industrial space is being renovated as well in order to build and assemble water heaters and other alternate energy systems locally.

A large research and development area allows for engineering sessions and is used as well for training of our staff, agents and partners throughout the Caribbean region.

Sustainable Earth Inc. certified engineers have designed turnkey systems to suit the energy demands of all types of installations, ranging from a back country cottage to a four star resort or a commercial sit .

Sustainable Earth Inc. has selected the latest in cutting edge technology among world renowned suppliers and was granted distribution rights, allowing for direct and wholesale prices to be passed on to the Caribbean market .


Hervé Nizard
Managing Director
Sustainable Earth Inc.
Commonwealth of Dominica

"We regard energy education as part of our mission ."


Sustainable Earth Headquarters

Sustainable Earth Inc. corporate headquarters in La Plaine.


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