Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Earth Energy Efficiency & Energy Savings Program

Sustainable Earth Inc. and its international partners have been relentlessly working behind the scenes in the past two years to develop a range of energy savings products and solutions.

Our mission is to help companies understand their energy pattern and massively reduce their energy consumption.

In the short term, the most cost effective form of power generation is undoubtedly Energy Efficiency. The costs associated with saving energy are considerably less than every other form of power generation. Efficiency is not settling for less; it is getting what you want for less.

For Whom ?

Basically any company paying more than 8,000 EC$ per month for their electricity bill and using Air Conditioning units, Refrigeration (Fridges, freezers, Cold rooms), electric motors, ….. It works for smaller consumption of course but the Return On Investment is less attractive.

  • Small to Mid size Hotels, Guest houses and large restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial sites

What does this program do for you ?

  • Auditing your electrical system and energy consumption,
  • Monitoring permanently your electricity usage split by socket, by breaker, by building… and thus giving you REAL TIME INFORMATION on your electricity usage,…. And WASTE !
  • Reducing your AC Consumption
  • Reducing your refrigeration systems consumption
  • Reducing your electrical motors consumption

In total, and as an average, reducing your electrical consumption by 20 to 30%.



Potential ROI (Years)


Possible Energy Savings (Percent)


How Much Will it Cost?

Sustainable Earth Energy Efficiency & Energy Savings program will allow you for a return on investment between 2 and 3 years (equivalent to between 33% and 50% ROI).

By how much would you need to increase your sales and your margin to achieve a 40 % ROI ?

Send us an email at to take an appointment and we’ll visit your site and explain to you in details the program.

Hervé Nizard, Managing Director
Sustainable Earth Inc., Commonwealth of Dominica
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Important Considerations

  • A well designed and well insulated fridge with an appropriate motor can use as little as 500 wh per 24 hrs . Accordingly, 1 small solar panel can handle it.
  • On the contrary, a large US style, 2 door, refrigerator/freezer with ice maker, not so well designed, can burn up to 3500 Wh per 24 hrs. That is 7 times more, and would require at least 6 or seven solar panels only for the fridge !
  • As far as lighting is concerned, LED lights now available on the market will give the same lumens for very low consumption (lights as low as 0,2 W are available).
  • Finally, some heavy burners of energy such as AC , clothes dryers , water heaters …. Need to be reconsidered, and probably be wired separately , outside of the renewable energy system for best efficiency.

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