1. Which system is better? Solar, Wind or Hydro?

    Reply 1. It all depends on your location. Solar is generally the first choice in the Caribbean as Sun is available at most locations – except under the shade of large trees. We account for 5 hours of sun a day as an average in most Caribbean locations. Wind is an excellent support, mainly when combined with Sun for it works 24 Hours a day if installed in a windy place. As a good rule of thumb, an average of 10 Miles per hour of constant wind is necessary for a wind generator to be worth installed. Hydro requires a combination of flow and head to be efficient. This is not a configuration often met but if such is your place, then Hydro should be the perfect system; Again it can and should be combined with sun and/or wind.

  2. How do I determine what system and size I'll need?

    We can do that together. Best is to start by calculating your daily electrical needs or to check your utility bill if you already have one.

  3. Can I still use the local electric power?

    Yes we can install a back up system on your property and you can use both.

  4. Does the governments give any incentives?

    Some do, some do not… And some say they do, but give very little! Check with your local government to see what is their policy.

  5. In what direction should my roof be pointed?

    In the Caribbean, the best roof installation should be tilted 15° and facing due south.

  6. Who will install my system?

    Sustainable Earth Inc. will install your system with our local agent and your or our electrician. We avoid selling our material without installing as it removes the warranty.

  7. Why should I purchase my system from Sustainable Earth Inc.?

    You should consider Sustainable Earth Inc. as your 1st choice provider for alternate energy systems for 3 main reasons:

    • We are based in the Caribbean, live and work here and have tested the brands and systems we promote in the real Caribbean environment. As an example, we know our sealed Outback Inverters are the best choice for the harsh Caribbean environment.
    • We offer a follow up and maintenance/warranty locally; Not from a hotline in the USA or Europe.
    • We represent the world leader brands in the Caribbean. They might not be the cheapest available on the market, but they have shown they work for years and have proven being reliable.

  8. How long will the whole process take?

    We can quote in 24 hours. Refine the exact sizing and material/installation choice within 1 week. Deliver 3 weeks later and install in 1 week. Total 5 weeks.

  9. What are Sustainable Earth Recommendations?

    If you are not grid connected, we recommend you to seriously consider any real low energy appliances (such as refrigerators, freezer, light bulbs, washing machine..) and to avoid A/C by designing a well ventilated house.

    If you are grid connected, we recommend to install a backup system first from our available kits to provide energy to your sensitive electronic equipment and to have all absolutely necessary appliances working in the event of your utility company power failure (refrigerators, freezers, lights, fans).


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