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Getting Started with Alternate Energy

There are 3 different categories of systems and therefore 3 different approaches.


1. If you are not connected to a local energy supplier (Not Grid connected).

In this case you need a system which will cover all your electrical needs. We call it a complete system. Be it solar, wind, hydro or a combination , the total energy produced each day will have to be more than what you use. And as you must take into account some days with little or no sun, your system must be able to store slightly more energy to give it back to you at night and for 2, maybe 3 days without Sun.

We shall work together to estimate your electrical consumption and will size your system accordingly. At this stage, we do not need to see or know your property.

Once we have sized your system, and therefore once we know how many panels, how many batteries and what type of inverter you need, we shall have to make sure this number of panels can fit on your roof or on special poles for them to be installed in an unobstructed area, at 15° of pitch and oriented as close as possible to due south. Or if we have integrated a wind generator, we shall have to make sure we can install it on your property in an open area and far above the closest obstacle.

You will have an exact picture of what your needs are.

You may then order this system we have sized for you or we can continue to work together to try to lessen your daily consumption (by considering alternate type of appliances) or to modify the number of days of autonomy you want to have.

Once all this technical work is completed – in a matter of days – you can then place a clear order including all you need for your system to work easily and trouble-free for years.

Our engineers will install the system for you, will test it, and will then regularly maintain it. You will never receive any utility bill and you will enjoy energy produced by the sun, the wind or the water, carbon-free.

You will not anymore be part of the problem, but be part of the solution…


2. If you are grid connected.

There are 2 options in this case:

2.1. You want to have a complete system covering 100% of your electrical needs.

In this case, we shall work through the exact same sequence as in 1 above .


2.2. You wish to have a back up system or an alternate energy system covering part of your electrical needs, enabling you to always have enough energy for your absolutely necessary appliances (you decide which one they are: Fridge? TV? Computer? Drill? AC? All these?…) and for your sensitive electronic equipment to stop receiving power surges from your local supplier after eventual shortages.

You can therefore choose from one of our pre-designed kits giving you a daily available consumption of 1000 to 10.000 Watts , or we can work together to select the items you want to maintain powered in case of shortage and size your system accordingly and more accurately.

Again, whatever the option you choose, you will become part of the solution, not anymore part of the problem…

Or, if you find what you need in our solar kits page, you can simply order it from us.

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