Our Sustainable Earth Inc. Caribbean Network

We are in the process of setting up our network of agents, franchisees, partners on each Caribbean island. Some countries are already covered, some are pending, and some are available. Until we have a local franchisee, all communication is managed by the Sustainable Earth Inc. corporate headquarters in Dominica. We can easily send our engineers on site for inspection and sizing.


British Virgin Islands: Available

Anguilla / St Maarten / St Barth: Pending

Antigua: Pending

St Kitts & Nevis / Saba / Statia: Available

Guadeloupe: Covered by Solair Tropical
Dominica: Sustainable Earth Inc. Corporate Headquarters
Martinique: covered by Solair Tropical
St Lucia: Sustainable Earth SLU - Contact Bruno Galon. Tel: (758) 716-1256
      or E-mail: sustainableearthslu@gmail.com
St Vincent & the Grenadines: Sustainable Earth SVG
Grenada: Available
Barbados: Available

Panama: Sustainable Earth Panama - E-mail: sustainableearthpanama@gmail.com

Please contact us for partnership enquiries at:

Sustainable Earth Inc.
Citrus Creek Plantation
PO Box 319
La Plaine
Commonwealth of Dominica


Phone : (767) 440 4404
Skype : Sustainableearth
Email: solar@sustainableearth.dm

Contact : Hervé RV Nizard


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