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Here at sustainable earth inc, our vision of promoting alternate energy systems are different from what many website practice.

We do not want to confuse the public when it comes to purchasing a system as most sites do with technical talk and tenths of references.


We have selected what we consider to be the best manufacturers for each and every composing item of alternate energy system: solar panels, wind generators, micro-hydro turbines, inverters, charge controllers, batteries, cables, fuses, breakers, racks, pumps. We have tested these brands and models, we are approved distributors and installers for these manufacturers and shall therefore handle the warranties locally.





Kyocera is one of the world's largest vertically-integrated producers and suppliers of solar energy products. They produce some of the best solar panels in the world.Their new 135 W panel proofed to be the most efficient solar panel available for the Caribbean temperatures. Their American solar division is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with regional sales affiliates in the Americas and Australia. Kyocera Solar, Inc. their North American solar products subsidiary, serves thousands of customers in both the developed and developing worlds.

Technical Documentation: KD Modules Spec Sheet , Shade on Panels and MPPT

"We service what we sell" isn't just a motto for our staff, it's what we live by ! Outback manufactures a large range of inverters and accessories to transform DC Current produced by solar panels, wind generators or Hydro turbines into 110V or 220/240V AC current. What really makes Outback different for the Caribbean market is their line of sealed inverters which cannot be surpassed for the Caribbean harsh environment . This company offers a very professional back up service as well enabling Sustainable Earth Inc. engineers to always have the perfect information available.

Technical Documentation: Outback Products Catalog, Back Up Power Solutions, Offgrid Power Solutions

Unirac leads the PV mounting market with industry-leading technology and a breadth of product solutions and services designed to meet the needs of any type of solar installation. By exceeding our customer's PV mounting expectations, they will advance the adoption of solar energy worldwide . Their systems are tailored for each major solar panel and mainly for Kyocera’s enabling a need and tidy installation on roofs or even on poles with their large products choice. They supply the aluminium racks which do not corrode in the Caribbean and are light for roof mounting, as well as all necessary aluminium or stainless steel bolts.

Technical Documentation: Unirac Solarmount Brochure

Surrette have built a reputation for building one mean battery. It’s a reputation based on reliability, durability and easy maintenance. Their dual container construction and high-density polyethylene material maximizes durability and eliminates acid leaks even if the outer container ruptures. The unique "resistox" plate design offers more resistance to corrosion and maximizes the life of the battery. The life expectancy of Surrette batteries are amongst the longest in the industry. They have been selected by Sustainable Earth Inc. after having surpassed many other brands tested in the Caribbean.

Technical Documentation: Series 4000 Spec Sheet

Xantrex Technology Inc. is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced power electronic products and systems. Xantrex makes a positive difference in the lives of people around the world by combining proven technology with unparalleled market understanding to bring electricity to customers anytime, anywhere.

Technical Documentation: Inverter Chargers (1), Inverter Chargers (2), Inverter Only, Charge Controllers, Different Waveforms.

With over 80 years of experience, Trojan Battery Company is the world's leading manufacturer of deep cycle battery technology. Long-lasting, reliable and clean, customers all over the globe know Trojan deep cycle batteries deliver superior power to any golf, renewable energy, floor machine, aerial work platform, marine or recreational vehicle application.

Solatube Day lighting Systems are the innovative and environmentally friendly way to naturally brighten every room. Offering the highest performance in the industry, green Solatube Day lighting Systems are the smart alternative to skylights.

Kestrel Wind Turbines is a South African wind turbines manufacturer ; They specialize in the design and manufacture of small efficient wind turbines.

Kestrel is virtually unique in the world of small wind turbines in their line of high quality, quiet, powerful, and robust machines in 600, 800, 1000 and 3000 Watts rated power.

All Kestrel turbines feature Full Axial Flux Discoid Technology, for high efficiency and increased energy production in lower wind regimes. Moreover their turbines can be chosen in different voltages, up to 200V allowing for thinner electrical cables and thus reduced installation costs.

Technical Documents: Windgen Krestel e200i 800W, Krestel PowerTtables

Sustainable Earth offers two different types of solar water heaters : NON Pressured , and pressured ones. They look alike but the technology is quite different.

The non pressured ones receive their input of cold water from your regular water supply : Dowasco or water pressure pump. The cold water reaches the tank on the roof, and the help tank or comptroler shuts down the cold water input when the tank is full. Then the hot water is falling by gravity only to the house's hot water pipes and tabs. Accordingly this system only works with a high roof allowing for a decent pressure to build up thanks to the head . A too low roof would make a very "weak" hot water in the shower or at your tabs . However, this system is less than half the price of the PRESSURED systems ! A 10 Feet high roof is recommended for such NON PRESSURED systems.

The pressured units are a closed loop. The hot water output receives exactly the same pressure as your regular cold water. The hot water is "pushed" in your pipes with the same strength and pressure, irrespectively of the roof's height. They are unfortunately far more expensive.

Technical Documents: NON-Pressure Water Heater | Pressure Water Heater

Solar Water Heaters

And many other products available after we have tested them in the Caribbean...

Check our web site regularly for new products available.


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