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Solar Water heaters , also referred as "solar thermal systems" are used to heat water from the Sun ; as simple as that.


Sun rays heat pipes installed on the roof and heated water is stored in an insulated tank.


There are 3 different technologies used for solar water heaters:





Non-Pressureized Water Heater

1. Non-Pressure Solar Water Heater : Where all the system : both solar collector and water tank are installed on the roof. Heated water rises naturally inside the tank and is accessible from your "hot water tap" flowing directly from your roof to your water plumbing system inside the house.


There is absolutely no mechanical or electrical system added . This is the simplest and less expensive system available. It is very reliable and will give you free hot water for years. Download the PDF.

Pressurized Water Heater

2. Pressured Solar Water Heater
: In this system as well, all components are installed ON the roof . Solar collector AND water tank.


In this system, hot water "pushes" cold water and is permanently doing so using your own system's pressure to keep heated water under pressure allowing to flow to your tap with the same pressure as your cold water system.


It gives more comfort thanks to the increased available pressure. Download the PDF.







3. Split-Pressurized Solar Water Heating System : this is the latest technology available for solar heating systems.


Split-pressurized solar water heating systems are very popular due to the fact that most of the components are hidden and installed inside the house . Only the solar collector obviously is installed flat on the roof. But the water tank and the working station (including a pump and a pressure tank) are installed inside the house, protected from the elements .


They are the most discreet and weatherproof system available today. Download the PDF.


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