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New “D.I.Y.” model. 2020- Perfect for other Caribbean islands and those “hands On” in Dominica.

Save on net prices. Get the best brands at the cost of poor quality material.

Now, thanks to new technologies, we can :
1/ Design the best system for you ; This means a system which works perfectly in the Caribbean, using the latest Grid-Assist model, as opposed to a system “designed” by a solar wholesaler in the US .
2/ Ship directly to you from our Miami  and European forwarders the complete list of material required for your system,
3/ Send you very clear installation diagram and videos so any electrician on your island will be easily able to install your complete system, at a fraction of the cost of a system sold to you by one of your island’s installers.
4/ Assist & guide you / your electrician via Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, Google during installation process by allocating one of our technicians to your project.
Results guaranteed, best price guaranteed. 

This is now possible – and easy – with new material from very user friendly brands such as Victron energy . (All in one model, ready to connect, Internet based monitoring of your system…) No surprise ; easy process.

Send us an email :
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and we’ll start from there.

Victron Inc. is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced power electronic products and systems. Victron makes a positive difference in the lives of people around the world by combining proven technology with unparalleled market understanding to bring electricity to customers anytime, anywhere.  With MPPT Charge controlers, Inverters, solar panels, monitors, combined systems , maintenance free batteries…. Victron, European leader from Holland brings another quality to small systems.

Technical Documentation:  BlueSolar charge controller MPPT, Phoenix Inverter 180VA-1200VA, Victron Brochure EasyPlus, Victron Brochure Off-Grid,Back-up and Island Systems

Outback manufactures a large range of inverters and accessories to transform DC Current produced by solar panels, wind generators or Hydro turbines into 110V or 220/240V AC current. What really makes Outback different for the Caribbean market is their line of sealed inverters which cannot be surpassed for the Caribbean harsh environment . This company offers a very professional back up service as well enabling Sustainable Earth Inc. engineers to always have the perfect information available.

With Outback’s new line of Renewable Energy AGM (No maintenance) batteries, including the latest technology “Nano Carbon” specially dedicated to OFF GRID / Deep discharge use, Sustainable Earth now offers a reliable, well priced line of maintenance free batteries.

Technical Documentation: Outback Product Catalog, OutBack Back_Up_Power_Solutions, Outback Off_Grid_Power_Solutions, Outback NC 106 AGM battery, FM 80 MMPT Charge Controllers, FXR E Series Inverters/Chargers

Unirac leads the PV mounting market with industry-leading technology and a breadth of product solutions and services designed to meet the needs of any type of solar installation. By exceeding our customer’s PV mounting expectations, they will advance the adoption of solar energy worldwide . Their systems are tailored for each major solar panel and mainly for Kyocera’s enabling a need and tidy installation on roofs or even on poles with their large products choice. They supply the aluminium racks which do not corrode in the Caribbean and are light for roof mounting, as well as all necessary aluminium or stainless steel bolts. UNIRAC racks sustained 2017 hurricanes, and proved strong.

Technical DocumentationUnirac Solarmount Brochure

Surrette have built a reputation for building one mean battery. It’s a reputation based on reliability, durability and easy maintenance. Their dual container construction and high-density polyethylene material maximizes durability and eliminates acid leaks even if the outer container ruptures. The unique “resistox” plate design offers more resistance to corrosion and maximizes the life of the battery. The life expectancy of Surrette batteries are amongst the longest in the industry. They have been selected by Sustainable Earth Inc. after having surpassed many other brands tested in the Caribbean.

Technical Documentation: Series 4000 spec sheet 

Ironridge racks,

Axitec solar panels

Growatt Inverters

Amerisolar solar panels

Pylontech batteries

IRONRIDGE is becoming a world leader for solar racks , able to withstand hurricane force winds , with their XR Rails family, and their unique UFO clamp to firmly hold the panels down.

AXITEC : Is a German brand of solar panels with #1 quality. We have used and tested their 270w, 320w, 330w, and now 415w monocristalline solar panels, with amazing results in our harsh environment. Higher outputs than nominal are common. Even in our hot climate.

Growatt : NEW 2021 : Growatt is filling the gap . We needed a modern and high quality technology for inverters at a cheaper cost than Victron . Growatt is a very modern Chinese brand offering top quality products thanks to their fully automated factory and their large R&D department . Growatt will bring us the opportunity to offer their famous SPF range of hi frequency PV Hybrid inverters which even work without batteries OFF grid . Huge savings for a perfect 5 kva 3 in 1 – Inverter-Charger and charge controler .

Pylontech : NEW 2021 : Pylontech is one of the main manufacturers of Ion-Lithium LifePO4 modern battery cells , and offers a plug and play 48 Volt system which includes a BMS . Focusing on their best product, the UP5000 (5 Kwh) allow us to pass on the savings to our customers , for the first IonLithium battery offered by Sustainable earth at very reasonable costs. Very excited with the potential of these stackable battery banks .

And many other products available after we have tested them in the Caribbean…
Check our web site regularly for new products available.

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